VR projects

In 2017 I started working on VR Projects! I find it very appealing to be able to transport people to a whole new world of my own making. Right now I'm focused on my first VR game, and have a couple side projects on the works.

Fun with trains is a game about playing with your new train set on Christmas morning. Every Christmas you receive a new piece, which gives you a new puzzle to solve. You have to be quick, because your little sister is a bit impatient and might start the train before you are done.

Fun with trains started as my final project for Upload's Unity VR Course. I attended the first edition of the class, and I had great fun and learned a ton about developing 3D experiences with Unity. I had some experience with 3D Computer Graphics from a DirectX seminar back in high-school, which helped with the fundamentals, but it's great to have learned a full modern toolset. In terms of assets, Google Blocks came out around that time, which give me the chance to make the 3D assets myself. Judges loved it on Demo Night, and it won first prize!

For that same class, my mid-term project was a little game about pushing commuters out of the way in a packed subway station. The ragdoll physics are hilarious, I might develop it into a proper game one day!

I'll keep updating this page as I keep working on new, fun VR stuff. Stay tuned!