About me

I wrote my first program when I was 6 years old. It was a small dinosaur encyclopedia: you typed a number from the menu and a paragraph on the corresponding dinosaur showed up in the screen. 20 years later I think I can make it much cooler.

I went to school for Mechatronic Engineering. I learned lots of mathematics, electronics, and mechanical engineering, but more importantly I discovered control engineering and through it an approach to problem solving that relies in mathematical modeling, data visualization, statistical analysis and probabilistic techniques. In this days of "big data" it comes in very handy.

Nowadays I code, manage and consult on the building of web things: websites, applications, tools, toys. Python is the programming language of my heart since before I started doing web development, so I mainly use Django for my backends. I have also done things in Flask, and I'm looking into Pyramid. I am very much capable of writing my own front-ends: HTML, CSS and JavaScript, specially now that React enables me to to write very sofisticated user interfaces without much ado.

I am always looking for new things to learn. Current things I am exploring include Clojure (specially ClojureScript and it's promise of saner front-end development) and functional programming in general, REST API design, logic programming and UI design.